The Man With a Mission

My name is Matt. I am just like you. I have endured a history of pain, trauma, fatigue, and exhaustion. Like most, I was constantly on a diet. Constantly in the gym for hours a day to burn everything off that I ate. Food was the enemy. Trying to get quality sleep made me anxious. My skin would have rashes all over it and I would do everything to cover it up. Basically I was one large bandaid of deeper symptoms that I wasn't addressing. I was SICK and TIRED of it.

I was on a mission to figure out why it was so hard to stay healthy, and I was gobsmacked! From our corrupt food system to the advertisements we see everyday it's no wonder we are so confused. 

When we work together not only will you be educated and empowered, but you will be able to educate your family and your friends. Why? Because when our community is healthy it creates a ripple effect and being healthy becomes simple.

People who have been sick don't know what it's like to not be and therefore it's scary to think about what it means to feel good.

Are you ready to feel good?


Certifications: Personal Trainer (NASM), Nutrition Coach (Pn1), FMS 1 & 2, FCS, Kettlebells, Pre/Post Natal Pregnancy, CPR/AED

Studio address: 4 Tabas Lane Exton, PA 19341

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