Over time I will help you decipher what is real and fake. 

Living a fulfilling and balanced life takes time and practice. You're body is constantly changing!

Here are the facts:

  1. Inflammation - the leading cause of most weight gain and disease. The real reason for much of our inflammation comes from highly processed foods, which are paid for by Big Food and Big Agriculture lobbyists.

2. Sugar – 70% of cancer is caused from sugar. Did you know that America is the worst country with the highest rates of cancer, but 3rd world countries are lower? Aren't we supposed to be the safest country because our government is supposed to be looking out for us?

3. Water – you don’t drink enough of it. Did you know the proper intake varies per person? It isn't a blanket number!

4. Vegetables – yes, Mom was right, eat them. Not all vegetables are created equal! 

5. Moods – Our FOOD dictates our MOOD. Recent studies show that 90% of our food is the reason for violence and civil unrest by not being able to think clearly and rationally. If that doesn't shock you, I am not sure what will?

In other words, its not your fault that you're sick or in pain. Our government has been completely paid off to ​poison our food system and confuse us. 

The title "personal trainer" includes a focus on the person.

Nutrition coaching is personal, and requires trust. Over time I will uncover hidden things keeping you from THRIVING! 

Welcome to a new relationship with food!

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Certifications: Personal Trainer (NASM), Nutrition Coach (Pn1), FMS 1 & 2, FCS, Kettlebells, Pre/Post Natal Pregnancy, CPR/AED

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