Here are the facts:

  1. Inflammation - the leading cause of most weight gain and disease.

  2. Sugar – 70% of cancer is caused from sugar.

  3. Water – you don’t drink enough of it

  4. Vegetables – yes, Mom was right, eat them 

  5. Moods – we eat when sad, moody, lonely, bored. Food is NOT your crutch.

​Look... I get it. After 30 years of high carb this and low carb that, and paleo, keto, high protein, we’re still stuck.

The title "personal trainer" includes a focus on the person.

Nutrition coaching is personal, and requires trust. I will uncover hidden things keeping you from THRIVING!

Welcome to a new relationship with food!

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Certifications: Personal Trainer (NASM), Nutrition Coach (Pn1), FMS 1 & 2, FCS, Kettlebells, Pre/Post Natal Pregnancy, CPR/AED

Studio address: 4 Tabas Lane Exton, PA 19341

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